Intex Above Ground Pool

Intex Above Ground Pools Offer Fun for the Whole Family

Intex Above Ground PoolSomewhere between the kiddie pool where your toddlers once splashed around and the in ground pool that you cannot afford and cannot fit into your backyard, there lie a few alternatives such as an Intex pool.  Many of these alternatives involve a day or two of work each season putting up your above ground swimming pool, and a day or two of work at the end of the season, taking it down. Intex Above Ground Pools have revolutionized the experience of owning and enjoying a pool in your backyard, making it easy to afford them and to set them up and take them down.  This pool is so easy to set up, it can usually be done by a single adult in a single afternoon.  So now you can check “don’t have time” off the list of reasons why you do not want an above ground pool.

The Intex 18′ by 48” pool is great for families whose children have outgrown their kiddie pools.  Adults and children alike will enjoy the summer afternoon basking together in their cool swimming pool.  Intex offers the  highest quality in materials and equipment to maximize your fun and enjoyment.

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No Tools Needed

Unlike other  swimming pools, there is no actual installation process necessary.  You set it up, much like you would an inflatable children’s swimming pool, but on a larger scale.  You may wish to put down a padding of sand before setting it up, to make the space level and slightly spongy; next you simply spread the 18-foot ground cloth that comes with 18’ by 48” Intex above ground pool, and then spread out the bottom of the above ground pool so that it is flat and laying in the circular shape desired.  Use an air compressor to inflate the ring around the top of the pool.  That’s it.  As you fill the pool with water, the ring rises until the pool is at its maximum height of 48 inches.  When you first begin to fill it, you will want to walk around in it, smoothing out wrinkles and ripples in the pool’s bottom.

Safer than Traditional Above Ground Pools

There are no hard edges on this pool.  While it is not deep enough for diving, and children will still require adult supervision, the lack of plastic or metal beams and bars means fewer bumps and bruises, and a lot more fun.  Because the sides are soft, it is more difficult for a child to climb in if the ladder is not present, which is another safety advantage.  They also comes with a cover that fits snugly over the top when the pool is not in use; these covers keep the water free of debris and stave off small animals, birds, and small children.  Additionally, these pool covers are insulating, so when you remove them to swim, the water in your pool is warm and comfortable.

Additionally, because the walls of the Intex Easy Set Pool are literally held upright by the pressure of the water, and because there are no joints in the sides, it offers a sturdy structure with no leaks and no risk of collapse.  Because of this, Intex  pools last years longer than their traditional counterparts because of the lack of corroding parts.  With no edges and no hard plastic or metal pieces, there is nothing to break or wear away over time.

Intex Easy Set Pools Have all the Amenities of Traditional Pools

This pool is easy to set up, and the process closely resembles that of much smaller pools, but these are no kiddie pools.  Intex above ground pools come with custom designed filters.  It features a 1500 gallon per hour 120-volt water pump to keep the water clean and well circulated.  Filters can be bought online and at most pool stores and department stores that sell pool accessories.  The filters are easy to remove and install.  In addition, this model comes with a pool vacuum as well.  All of these components work together to make your pool easy to care for and easy to enjoy.


It also comes with a ladder – this sturdy ladder, made of coated steel with sturdy plastic steps, is easily placed in the pool and removed again.  With this feature, you can safely climb in and out, but discourage neighbors children from using your above  pool when you are not at home.  Safe, sturdy, and lightweight, the ladder is easy to pick up and move, offering  peace of mind when you are away and the ladder is tucked away in your garage.


What Will you need to Keep Your  Swimming Pool Clean?

It is true that the water pump will be effective in circulating the water and preventing the development of algae over long period of times.  However, you will need to purchase chlorine, which is sold in pellets that fit into the filters; it is also recommended that you buy a skimmer to remove unwanted leaves or other debris after each swim.  Some families use a kit to measure the chlorine and ash levels in their water; these can be found at any pool store.  You will find that these pools are extremely easy to keep clean.  This means that when your kids go swimming, you know that with just a few simple steps, you can ensure that you and your children are swimming in safe, clean water.

Some Details about Intex Easy Set Pools

As stated above, they are super easy to set up.  They can be set up and filled by one person, and ready for swimming in a single evening.  The longest part of the process is filling it with water.  It holds up to 5,455 gallons of water, and the walls are made from super tough thirty-gauge sidewalls, consisting of three layers of material.  There are two outside layers of laminated PVC material with a heavy duty mesh between them for added strength.  These walls are going to withstand all sorts of activity and movement, and remain strong for use after use.

They come with patch kits for both the inflatable ring around the top of the pool and for the heavy duty sidewalls.  This consists of small patches of the material along with a quick drying epoxy made for above ground swimming pools.  If you have a problem that cannot be patched  there is a limited one-year warranty to cover any manufacturing defaults.

Each 18′ x 48″ Easy Set Above Ground Pool “Package” includes:

  • 18′ x 48″ Easy Set above ground pool.
  • Improved 1,500 gallon per hour water filtration pump (120 volt) that removes floating debris and facilitates water circulation.
  • Filtration pump water filter cartridge.
  • 19 ft Ground Cloth (not shown in main 18′ x 48″ Easy Set pool image).
  • 18 ft Fitted Pool Cover (not shown in main 18′ x 48″ Easy Set pool image).
  • 48 inch Above Ground Pool Ladder with high impact plastic steps and a coated steel frame.
  • Deluxe maintenance Kit that includes a lightweight aluminum pool sweep and vacuum (not shown in main 18′ x 48″ Easy Set pool image).
  • Automatic surface debris skimmer that works with the pool filtration pump to save you maintenance time (not shown in main 18′ x 48″ Easy Set pool image).
  • Set-up and maintenance DVD.
  • Limited warranty from the manufacturer

Taking Down Your Pool

You will be thrilled to know that taking down an Intex above ground pool is as easy as setting them up.  Once again, the most time consuming part of the process comes from the water, itself. Once you have siphoned out the water, you will be able to wipe the bottom clean and fold it up to store away for next year.  There are no poles or pipes to stack and store, and it is ready to be unrolled again in the spring!

What Are Consumers Saying About Intex Easy Set Pools?

The votes are in and they are very, very positive.  Families are getting outside and playing together in their pools.  There is room for everyone to have fun, and when the kids aren’t home, it is a great place for Mom to float in the sun with a good book.

Consumers love how easy these above ground pools are to set up and take down, making it far more likely that they will have it up for the entire warm weather season.  Upkeep is not difficult, and older children can take much of the responsibility in caring for it.

Additionally, consumers have observed that Intex  offer the best of both worlds; the pools are as easy to use and care for as the little toddler pools from when the kids were young, but they are actually easier to keep clean, thanks to the water pump and filter, chlorine and vacuum that comes with each pool.

Safe, convenient, and fun ,it offers a multitude of seasons of family fun.  With an above ground swimming pool from Intex, you will never need to force your children outdoors when the sun is shining, and in the evenings, you will have a great place to float and enjoy a glass of wine.  All of this will be yours for a reasonable price, minimal set up and take down time, and easy maintenance.  These are not usually traits you see when shopping for an above ground pool.  You will be thrilled with the hours of fun offered you get from your pool.


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